206 Columbia St @ Sacket, Brooklyn, New York

The ART LOT is an outdoor, public art space in the Carroll Gardens/Redhook area of Brooklyn. Aimée Burg & Natalia Zubko have been curating and running the space since 2012. Two art benefactors, Jim and Bobbi Vaughan, own the lot, and in the 1990s turned it into a space for public display of sculpture.  Ursula Clark was the first to run the space for several years followed by Florence Neal. Jim Osman took the reigns in 2003.  The Vaughans continue to offer the space and their generous support for the shows. We do a year round program with three-four shows in a row, Spring, Summer and Fall/Late Winter.

We accept proposals all year round. Please email us at with questions or comments.

ART LOT Shows: 2012-present

2018 * inForming, Anette Millington, Caleb Nussear, and Adrienne Reynolds

2017  *Past Myth Future Form, Laura Bernstein & Anna Tsouhlarakis

* in balance / imbalance CCNY, CUNY @ the Art Lot – MFA Students

2016  * Play Frame – Debbi Kenote, James Mulvaney

2015 * Fluid Means – Ken Millington, Richard Zimmerman, Carlos Vela-Prado, Al Freeman

* Stamping GroundJunior Sculpture Class from Hartford Art School in Connecticut

2014 * Memory Field – Fritz Horstman & Abraham McNally

* Peaks<Valleys – Patrick Cadenhead, Sara Mejia Krediler, Alex Phillips

2013  * Structural Odes – Derek Haffar & Reade Bryan

* Curious Remains – Laura Marsh, Staci Offutt, Lizzy Sise, Maggie Sullivan

         * Ruminate/Reflect SVA @ the Art Lot – MFA Students

2012 * POP Paradigms - Marin Abell, Kyla Chevier, Lorraine Dauw, Nate Heiges, Catherine Telford-Keogh,

2011 * All Jokes Aside – Aimee Burg, Erin Burke, Jessica Cannon, Phillip Stearns, Aricoco