Eav’ning Light

Eav’ning Light, 2018

Mixed Media (Wood, Hardware, Paint, Lights, Scrim, Artificial Grass)

Installation in truncated pantry room. 9’w x 8’ 8” L x 9’ 9”H – Built Diagonal “Eave” - 9’ 6” x 6’

Sound Art by Beau Kenyon.

Site-Responsive Environment + Sound Art: Governors Island, NYC

(Check out my Process page to see how the room transformed)


Governor’s Island provides intimate spaces within its openness. One can lay back on the rolling hills of grass, stare up at the sky, and forget they are in a big city.  Eav’ning Light brings that expansiveness into a faux-crawl space that viewers are invited to climb in to.  Instead of a dark space, the crawl-space (created by emulating the diagonal eaves on the top floors of the historical houses along Colonels Row) is filled with soft light and a warm soundscape.

Eav'ning Light becomes a metaphor, like the island itself, an expansive crawl space with room to breath and simultaneous escape. This is a site-responsive environment by Natalia Zubko with sound art by Beau Kenyon, created specifically for Governor's Island.Truncate