Approaching Sempiternity

Approaching Sempiternity, 2015

Mixed Media (Wood, Insulation Foam Board, Structo Lite, Lights, Dryer Sheets)

Loading Dock: 13’w x 36’ L x 6” to 4’ deep

Site-Responsive Environment – Brooklyn, NY


Developed for an industrial loading dock, viewers were invited between the immense yet welcoming inverted, wedge structures. They rise in height opposite from a space that is incrementally dropping lower in depth to simultaneously question one’s relationship to the piece as well as to the industrial loading dock. The forms, in their subtlety, evoked an intimate minimalism. Upon entering between the wedge structures, the space became a calming beacon, quietly lite with pools of warm light.

*Sempiternity: (philosophy) existence within time but infinitely into the future; as opposed to eternity, understood as existing outside time